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Working at all levels in an organisation, across a wide range of service areas such as: health care, adult social care, specialist housing, the criminal justice system, government departments, county, borough and town councils, a wide range of voluntary sector organisations across all ages.

  • Developing and implementing service delivery across statutory and third sector partners based on, national, local and user priorities 

  • Co-production of strategy using experts by experience whenever possible

  • Developing services for and with people with intellectual disabilities, mental health problems and autism.

  • Bringing people from different professions and organisations to work constructively across a particular care pathway

  • Working with others to develop a shared vision

  • Supporting academics in clinical research.

  • I like to work through others and to support and lead on new and innovate service developments

  • And I enjoy problem solving

A Case Study:

Public Health Project Lead Mental Health
Herefordshire Council
Dates Jul 2015 – Oct 2017
Employment Duration2 yrs 4 months

I provided public health support to the Mental Health Steering Group. The group was
responsible for exploring how best to implement the county's mental health strategy. I also
lead on a project (all ages) in a market town which aims to help build community resilience
which will help reduce the prevalence of mental health problems in that community. The
project also aims to help those with mental health problems to access all the relevant
community facilities helping them to be part of the community as opposed to being apart
from it.

Consultant Strategic Commissioner
Wokingham Borough Council 
Dates Employed Apr 2021 – Present

Director with Constructive Partnerships Ltd
Dates Apr 2013 – Present.

Divisional Manager - Commissioning
Liverpool City Council - Adult Health and Social Care Directorate
Dates Sep 2018 – Sep 2020

Head of Joint Mental Health Commissioning
West London, Central London and Hammersmith and Fulham CCGs
Dates Employed Jan 2016 – Mar 2018.

Lead for Public Health Project Lead Mental Health
Herefordshire Council
Dates Jul 2015 – Oct 2017.

NHS England 
Interim Deputy Director (Secure and Specialised Mental Health and Intellectual
Disabilities) and Specialised Commissioning
Dates Apr 2007 – Mar 2013

Special Advisor (LD)
Department of Health (Offender Health)
Dates Jun 2009 – Mar 2011.

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